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Re: U.S. money is inaccessible to the blind


From: Michael R. Burks
Date: Nov 29, 2006 8:50AM

I do not think it is on a state level at all.

" NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- A federal judge has ruled that the U.S.
Treasury Department is violating the law by failing to design and issue
currency that is readily distinguishable to blind and visually impaired

It states that it is a federal judge. It is not an action by an individual
state. These things are confusing...

And it should be interesting...

Mike Burks

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This post is admittedly off-topic as far as *web* accessibility is
concerned, but I found it very interesting that a judge recently ruled
that the U.S. currency system is illegal because blind people can't
tell the difference between the different bills (a $1 bill has the
same size, shape, and feel as a $100 bill).


I'm interested to know how they'll resolve this. Of course it will
have to go through a drawn out legal process on a national level
before anything actually happens, if anything. So far the ruling is
only on the state level in New York.

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