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Re: how to convey that at list one field should bepopulated


From: Shrirang Sahasrabudhe
Date: Dec 14, 2006 12:15PM

I am putting “Please specify at least one of the following:” as a h3, would it be appropriate?
I’ll be putting the heading off-screen

"Jukka K. Korpela" < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote: On Tue, 5 Dec 2006, Shrirang Sahasrabudhe wrote:

> In my application I have a scenario like
> On a form I have 3 text inputs and user must provide value for at list one of them.
> How should I convey it?

By saying that right before them. Example:

Contact information
Please specify at least one of the following:
Your email address:

Your home phone:

Your work phone:

Optionally, add JavaScript code (scripted events) that checks,
client-side, that at least one of the field is non-empty and non-blank.
In this case, this would probably mean using just onsubmit="..." in the

The basic accessibility aspect in client-side checking is that by giving
the user feedback about his mistakes as soon as possible, we help people
with short attention span or with memory difficulties to understand what
went wrong and to fix the problem.

> Is there any technique to take care of such scenarios?

There's no special notation that would be generally understood.

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