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Accessibility of Ohio public school testing content


From: Michael D. Roush
Date: Dec 19, 2006 10:40AM

The director at my work just came into my office a little while ago and
asked me about the possibility of arranging for some online practice
material for Ohio public schools' graduation tests to be "read" to a
student with a learning disability that makes reading difficult.

The content in question is at: http://ohio.measinc.com/Content.htm

After looking at the material quickly, I found that everything looks to
be done in Flash. Could some of you who have various hardware/software
configurations please try to access one or two of the items on this site
and give me some feedback about how easy/hard it is to use?

Pretty soon, I will be brought into the loop of the discussion between
my director and her contacts at the Ohio Dept of Ed about the
suitability of this material for this student and possible courses of
action (if needed). For my part, I'm off now to set up some of our lab
computers with different configurations to see how they work. Thanks!

Michael Roush, Technology Coordinator
Hopewell SERRC
Hillsboro, OH, USA