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Re: Alt text (was VIKI - text transcodeing)


From: Phil Teare
Date: Jan 22, 2007 4:00PM

> I have not seen any other UA that actually "separates" alt text from
> standard text (that is, until I saw Phil's VIKI rendering), and as you
> have
> noted, this can occasionally make ALT text 'read funny', not only for
> screen
> readers, but for other text-only UAs. As I mentioned earlier, my use of
> the
> square bracket then is mostly an experiment (which has started to become
> part of my regular development flow), to try and address this observation.
> It does not add significantly to any user "load", and in certain
> circumstances seems to improve the overall user experience. I have not
> had
> any negative feedback (but I've not had any positive either, so I guess
> the
> jury is still out).

The square brackets were inherited from the Loband screen scraper that VIKI
sits on. I like it. Its not perfect. But as VIKI is designed to be the
reader, as well as the Transcoder, the format used is less critical. And it
matters little if they are read perculiarly by other readers. As... its not
meant for other readers.

BTW I've made a new addition to VIKI re forms. Now if you press F8 on an
input element, she steps out so you can carry on using hotkeys again. That
was the last a BIG whole in her functionality I think. Obviously tons to
do... But I think she's good and useful to many now.

Still not much feedback from this forum...

Anyone used it yet?


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