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Re: Illinois Functional Web Accessibility Evaluator:Sign up for free user acount


From: Robert Yonaitis
Date: Jan 24, 2007 6:40AM


Thanks for the clarification. So since we are using phrases like "In General" and "the author is probably" should we not do what is done in tons of validation suites and say WARNing, because something could probably be wrong versus telling all developers to rewrite their code which in cases could be rewriting an application? In the case of the headers they are easily read and then perhaps a WARNing on that, maybe some text,

"Warning, Character Encoding Found in the HTTP header but not in the STATIC source and this may imply a problem might exist"

This may be safer then having developers change their applications or dynamic code or even 1000's of static pages that admittedly could be done quickly if they decide is really required. By doing this the tool will have more value and be a aide to the developer and consultants doing any kind of testing.

What do you think?