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Thread: Re: Page check please.


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From: Kevin Spruill
Date: Mon, Nov 25 2002 10:29PM
Subject: Re: Page check please.
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Hmmm, just guessing without really testing the problem (sorry, busy Monday morning), but could it be that you're using Rowspan's for the TD? As in:

<td valign="top" width="45%" rowspan="2">

If my memory serves me correctly, JAWS has a bug which doesn't allow it to properly handle spanned rows, and columns - refer to the following link:
http://www.webaim.org/howto/tables/tables3 - section about spanned rows, etc. There's also mention of it on the JAWS user lists... somewhere in the forums.

You might want to also add title attributes to your DIV's - to further identify their content and purpose. Hope this gets you moving in the right direction


Kevin Spruill
National Library of Medicine
(301) 402-9708
(301) 402-0367 (fax)

>>> = EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED = 11/23/02 07:36AM >>>
> What's happened is that the main news
>section (sort of the big headline) seems to have disappeared in Jaws.

>My tester tells me: "What I hear is absolutely nothing. The reader just goes
>on to the next heading which it says is 'In October,' I think it was."

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