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Thread: Voiceover on iPhones Dynamic focus content issue.


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From: Murphy, Sean
Date: Sun, Sep 12 2021 9:20PM
Subject: Voiceover on iPhones Dynamic focus content issue.
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Has anyone come across any issues with iOS version 14.xx where you have a SPA web application when the focus with new content announces the previous heading? I cannot provide code or specific content due to this information not yet released to the public. Below is the specifics.

1. <div> container is being removed and injected when moving through the flow.
2. On the initial page load, a single question is shown. Once responded this content is removed from the dom. There is a HTML <h> and a selector being presented.
3. New content is injected. The keyboard focus is placed on the <h> of the new content and Voiceover reads it out fine. Once the information is answered. This content is not removed.
4. The new content is injected. Keyboard Focus is moved to the new <h>. Once the new question is responded too, the content from the last two questions are removed from the dom.
5. The new content is injected and keyboard focus is placed on the new <h>. At this present time, is where we are seeing the problem. Voiceover is reading the <h> content from the previous question and then the <h> of the new content.
Has anyone seen similar problems with SPA apps which move focus to the heading and content is being regularly injected and removed. If so, did you find a solution or cause?

Note: We do not see this on windows based screen readers or Android. This hasn't been tested on Mac. Currently we are thinking it is a iOS Voiceover problem.

Sean Murphy

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