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Thread: Text zoom and already large text


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From: Kian Badie
Date: Fri, Oct 21 2022 2:55PM
Subject: Text zoom and already large text
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Hello all,

I had a question on how to best handle 200% text zoom on text that is
already quite large. I have a component that contains a number value in a
large font. When text is zoomed to 200%, the number requires horizontal
scroll. But the large display of the number is tied to the design.

One solution I've come up with is to make the number an svg. The text is
still screen reader accessible, and now I can tie the number to the width
of the container instead of font size. But semantically, this feels
off (especially when nvda screen reader announces the number as a graphic).
Does anybody know how to accessibley handle already large text when it is

Thank you,
Kian Badie