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Thread: The WebAIM Million report for 2024


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From: Rob Carr Jr.
Date: Mon, Apr 01 2024 9:43AM
Subject: The WebAIM Million report for 2024
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Good day all!
The 2024 WebAIM Million report has been published - https://webaim.org/projects/million/. This is an annual analysis of the accessibility of the top 1 million home pages. This year, we found:

* A 13.6% increase in the number of detected errors - 56.8 errors per page on average. Most of these errors fall into just a few categories.

* We acknowledge that at least some of this change may be due to a minor change in page sampling and slightly expanded test logic in WAVE (such as contrast testing when foreground opacity/alpha is in place). Overall, we feel this year's analysis is a more thorough and accurate analysis of home pages that users experience.

* The average number of homepage elements increased to 1173 - an 11.8% increase in one year and 50% increase in the last 5 years. Home pages are getting more complex at an alarming rate. The most popular pages were among the most complex.
* 95.9% of home pages had detectable WCAG 2 failures, an improvement from 96.3% in 2023.
* Overall we found that pages with generally fewer accessibility errors improved this year, while those with many accessibility errors got worse. This may indicate that sites that give attention to accessibility (generally the most popular pages, to the benefit of users) are improving while homepages generally are experiencing increased errors.
* ARIA usage increased 15% in just one year with over 300% growth since 2019. Pages with ARIA had more detectable errors than average and more ARIA code aligned with more detectable errors.
There's much, MUCH more data in the WebAIM Million report<https://webaim.org/projects/million/>. Feedback and questions are very welcome, and feel free to share!
Thanks a lot,
The WebAIM Team