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Thread: RE: "somebody needs to blink first"


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From: julian.rickards@ndm.gov.on.ca
Date: Fri, Feb 21 2003 12:22PM
Subject: RE: "somebody needs to blink first"
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To a certain degree, some accounting for older browsers has to be applied
when using current standards of (X)HTML/CSS because there are known CSS
properties that will crash browsers. One could prevent NN4.x from crashing
by using @import for all styles but then those persons would see no styling
whatsoever. Although there is part of me that wants to use only Opera and
Mozilla as test-beds for my code, my workplace is IE-centered and
approximately 15% of our visitors use NN4.x. I must be aware of how NN and
IE react to my coding and make allowances using the various hiding and
hacking techniques.


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