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Thread: Re: HTMLStrike vs CSS Strike


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From: Terence de Giere
Date: Sun, Mar 30 2003 5:53PM
Subject: Re: HTMLStrike vs CSS Strike
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STRIKE is supported well in older browsers, but DEL, which is the non
deprecated strike through text, is not supported until very recent
browsers, where DEL is rendered the same way. In older technology, DEL
is ignored being rendered by what other HTML element encapsulates the
text outside of DEL. This kind of text is generally only used much in
legal matters where it is necessary to have an historical record of
changes, but as Jukka pointed out, it is difficult to read. One might
expect this could be used with say, a law in development in some
parliament somewhere that has not made it to its final version, but
posted online for public or private view during deliberations. With CSS
browsers it should be possible to suppress DEL text by hiding it, but it
would not show in assistive technology that does not render visual CSS.
I tried IBM Home Page Reader with both STRIKE and DEL and it did not
identify either with a default read through. The Lynx rendition, while
somewhat clumsy, does identify both - as described in Jukka's note -
using the command line system fonts which do not support strike through
fonts. Aural style sheets if supported would need to similarly prepend
and postpend text to identify it. I can image it being used in
advertizing where the price of some item is struck out, and followed by
a new lower price. What is the application you intend? STRIKE needs to
be used with HTML 3.2 or the Transitional forms of HTML 4.0/4.01 and
XHTML 1.0, it is not found in other standard versions of HTML.

Holly Marie wrote:
I know the *strike* tag is deprecated, though I have two questions: ....

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