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Thread: Re: Re: fieldset for radio buttons


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From: Terence de Giere
Date: Sat, May 24 2003 2:39PM
Subject: Re: Re: fieldset for radio buttons
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The fieldset helps segregate groups of fields in a large form. Your search form is very short. I don't think the fieldset is necessary here.

Because the user will have to read through these elements anyway, they will probably figure out what the radio buttons will do, without the extra heading proved by the legend. They are before the submit button, and most users will expect a search on a site not devoted exclusively to searching the web to search just that site, which you have made the default selection. All the elements are in a linear order that allows the user to hear or see the information before the submit button is activated.

Note W3C XHTML Basic, designed as an all purpose HTML for all devices, does not support the FIELDSET and LEGEND elements. In XHTML 1.0 Strict, used in your page, it is not required to build a form, just useful when necessary to make a longer form with many sections more comprehensible.

Terence de Giere

Marek Prokop wrote:

I have a question on the accessibility of a search form,
particularly whether the fieldset with a legend around the radio
buttons is necessary (or at least useful)...

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