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Thread: JavaScript and WAI checkpoint 6.3


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From: Carol Foster
Date: Tue, Nov 06 2001 11:21PM
Subject: JavaScript and WAI checkpoint 6.3
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I'm just noticing the part of the WAI checkpoint 6.3 that says that
pages should be usable when scripts, etc. are turned off ** or not
supported **. So am I right in interpreting this to mean that having,
say, JavaScript error checking for forms and server-side checking is not
enough to cover the "not supported" case for some assistive
technologies? I am thinking of a case where someone is using a screen
reader that does not support JS with a browser with JS turned on. In
that case I would guess the JS warning would come up but not be noticed,
and it could be really confusing. Is that right?
Also, if that is right, any hints on how to test this easily? It looks
like the latest versions of JAWS and HomePage Reader read JavaScript
pop-ups, and lynx works like JS is turned off.
Carol Foster, Web Developer
Internet Publishing Group, Information Technology Services
University of Massachusetts, President's Office
(413) 587-2130

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