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Thread: Re: Adjusting text size


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From: Kevin Spruill
Date: Wed, Jul 30 2003 1:49PM
Subject: Re: Adjusting text size
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Jukka et al,

There are quite a few users out there (impaired and not) who have no choice but to use NS4x - educational institutions, public libraries heck... even some govt. agencies are still using it as their browser. These users may not have the ability to upgrade or install a new browser - so as much as I (and a lot of other developer/designers) would like to be able to ignore/discount NS4x... we can't.

As for the rest of it... sounds like we're back to the "who controls the browser/presentation... user or developer/designer" argument - shades of the Dao of Web Design (http://www.alistapart.com/stories/dao/dao_1.html).

Conceivably (they might not know how to change size) there's a reason the user has the browser set to that size... why force something else down their throats?Considering that IE is the only browser that still uses the limited small, smaller, etc. (NS7, Opera, Mozilla, etc. provide much more flexibility) - you're talking about making a change that will benefit just one browser family (granted they rule the market for now) - change that will create more problems than solve IMHO.


ps. NS4x used JCSS - the standard the Netscape submitted at the same time as IE submitted the CSS standard... JCSS utilized, and relied on javacript (the J in the name) to manipulate CSS, which is why if you disable it, CSS (the little bit supported) doesn't work.

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>>> = EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED = 07/29/03 09:34AM >>>
On Tue, 29 Jul 2003, Ruth Stillman wrote:

There are still Netscape 4 users? If they are disabled people, they should
be helped to switch to much better browsers that have been available for
quite a long time. Or just left undisturbed, since Netscape 4 can actually
be a decent browser, though surely not visually impressive, if client side
scripting is disabled (which disables CSS too, on that odd browser) and
the browser settings are configured properly. It's rather futile to throw
any style sheets at Netscape 4.

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