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Thread: RE: CAn this page be saved from itself?


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From: Elaine Nelson
Date: Tue, Sep 16 2003 9:53AM
Subject: RE: CAn this page be saved from itself?
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Can this page be saved and made accessible?

in addition to everything that Paul said, I'd add that -- as I think Steve noticed with Lynx -- the page is entirely blank if someone doesn't have the latest version of Flash. (the teeny-tiny display in Opera just cracks me up, frankly.)

I did notice that there's a link to a text version in the bottom right corner of the flash page, which goes to the sitemap.

just looking at it, I don't see any reason why they couldn't get a similar look and feel with HTML, CSS, images, and JavaScript and make it reasonably accessible (in a variety of ways) as well. and in my experience, any time you have significant content in Flash, it's a PITA to update it, which happens far more often than you've planned for. (yes, we have a Flash navigation doo-hickey on our home page, which I implemented when I was younger and more naive. ;) one of these days I'll get around to redoing our home page, but in the meantime at least I tried to set up a pretty decent detection script.)

Elaine Nelson
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