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Thread: Webcast & Web Accessibility Course from ITTATC


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From: Alice Anderson
Date: Wed, Nov 28 2001 4:46PM
Subject: Webcast & Web Accessibility Course from ITTATC
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Hello Access list,
I thought you might want to hear about a free, Web cast on accessibility that will be held next week. The Information and Technology Technical Assistance and Training Center (ITTATC) will host the Web cast this coming Tuesday (December 4th) from 9-12:30 Eastern time. The topic centers around how states are implementing their information technology accessibility initiatives. If you would like more information on topics to be covered, or would like to register, please go to http://www.ittatc.org/ I understand that they will also archive this information for a year.

Also check out the ITTATC http://www.ittatc.org/training/webcourse/ Web Accessibility Course, teaches the techniques and strategies for designing creative and accessible web sites for no cost. This course is written for web developers to teach techniques for creating accessible web sites, in particular, web sites that comply with the Section 508 standards for accessible web content, Paragraph 1194.22 (a) through (p).



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