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Thread: RE: Help with large navigation menu


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From: julian.rickards@ndm.gov.on.ca
Date: Mon, Oct 20 2003 2:12PM
Subject: RE: Help with large navigation menu
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Although a DHTML menu may help (accessible issues aside), it would still be
very large with many primary links.

You have already gathered the links into groups, I suggest you make links
out of the group headers that link to pages with the detail links within and
of course a Home link to enable return back to home if a particular path is
not the correct one.

Julian Rickards
Digital Publications Distribution Coordinator
Publications Services Section
Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines
Phone: (705) 670-5608
Fax: (705) 670-5690

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From: Brian Gillies [mailto: = EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED = ]
Sent: Sunday, October 19, 2003 3:25 PM
Subject: Help with large navigation menu

Dear Sir/Madam
I'm doing an HND Multimedia course at college
I've a major problem with a project I'm doing
it's an education website with loads of webpages
The menu/navigation is my problem

I want the filesize of the complete navigation to be as small as possible
a navigation bar with drop down menu
A side navigation bar that the menu slide out from
or maybe a mixture of the two

the URL of the website I've to use is http://www.aqua2002.fsnet.co.uk
as you can see the website has many links
can anyone please help me

I've gotten till summer 2004 to complete this,, but I've also got loads of
other courses to do so time is not on my side

cheers everyone who helps me
have a nice day
Brian Gillies

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