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Thread: RE: Help with large navigation menu


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From: Karl Groves
Date: Mon, Oct 20 2003 2:25PM
Subject: RE: Help with large navigation menu
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The problem you're having is not going to be solved by any DHTML menu or drop down/ select menu.
The problem you have is with information architecture - particularly the fact that the site is rather entropic.
You need to redesign the UI of the site to facilitate better navigation.
All of your content pages are basically orphans. The only links they have is (supposed to be) back to the home page.
You have a ton of broken links, and many of the "home" links open new windows.
It is time to do it over. This time, think of the site as a complete message. Take an inventory of what you have, and organize it properly. Only after you have the information in order can you even attempt a new design or navigation.

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> From: Brian Gillies [mailto: = EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED = ]
> Sent: Sunday, October 19, 2003 3:25 PM
> Subject: Help with large navigation menu
> Dear Sir/Madam
> I'm doing an HND Multimedia course at college
> I've a major problem with a project I'm doing
> it's an education website with loads of webpages
> The menu/navigation is my problem
> I want the filesize of the complete navigation to be as small
> as possible
> a navigation bar with drop down menu
> or
> A side navigation bar that the menu slide out from
> or maybe a mixture of the two
> the URL of the website I've to use is http://www.aqua2002.fsnet.co.uk
> <http://www.aqua2002.fsnet.co.uk>;
> as you can see the website has many links
> can anyone please help me
> I've gotten till summer 2004 to complete this,, but I've also
> got loads of
> other courses to do so time is not on my side
> cheers everyone who helps me
> have a nice day
> thanks
> Brian Gillies
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