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From: Erin Edwards
Date: Thu, May 11 2000 12:50PM
Subject: Accessibility
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As a newcomer to web accessibility issues, the first thing that I noticed when reading through the accessibility standards, is how most of the guidelines, if implemented, would help a wide variety of users. The proliferation of new technologies such as palm pilots has had a profound impact on the way the Internet is accessed. As web designers, we owe it to ourselves to follow accessibility practices; after all, the whole point of having a web site is to reach an audience. If at least 8% of our audience is unable to fully access our site, then we denying a huge group of potential users from fully accessing our site.
My first response to the guidelines was, how simple. By changing just a few things on my site, I can accommodate users with disabilities.
I think that I will start with the easier modifications. Adding in alt tags, language tags, titling my frames, and making sure that I don