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Thread: Help with Adobe Acrobat for creating accessible PDF


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From: Carmen Mardiros
Date: Sat, Apr 24 2004 12:47PM
Subject: Help with Adobe Acrobat for creating accessible PDF
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I'm using Adobe Acrobat to create an accessible PDF. The document was
previously created in Word XP.

The trouble is that for some reason, when converted some pages do not flow

For example, on one page the paragraphs can be individually selected as
objects whereas on others the text is just one big block of text. Some of
the words, randomly chosen (from what I can see), get placed before the
block of text (in the reading order). Some of the words are in the middle of
the paragraph, some are at the end. I see no connection whatsoever.

Can someone tell me what is causing that and how to fix it in Word (it's far
too complicated in Adobe). I don't know how to break up a block of text in
Adobe Acrobat. Am I missing something?