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From: gmazzocato@libero.it
Date: Wed, Jul 07 2004 4:46AM
Subject: no subject
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It's my first post,

so please forgive me if the question is off topic

Can an html page with an applet be accessible with respect to keyboard navigation ?

I've a page with many links and an applet which doesn't need any interaction, it's just a moving

I've tried to skip through the links with tab but when I get to the applet I can't go on.
It apparently gets the focus and it doesn't release it anymore.

I can only click on another area and go on with the links

I there way to get a reasonable keyboard navigation ?

Thank you,

From: Alessandro Inversini
Date: Mon, Jul 26 2004 8:41AM
Subject: no subject
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From: RC
Date: Thu, Aug 05 2004 12:25PM
Subject: no subject
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Thank you for contacting the Marketing/Web Department. Your email has been
received and will be answered shortly.

Thank you,