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Thread: Connect Outloud


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From: Strange, Lainie
Date: Wed, Dec 29 2004 3:59PM
Subject: Connect Outloud
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David Wrote:

The closest alternative is probably Connect Outloud. It's from
Freedom Scientific as well, and duplicates the JAWS web browser
reading function, but nothing else. Much cheaper, too. For
Web pages, you really don't need the power of JAWS.
See their download page at

I didn't know about Connect Outloud. I would love to hear user feedback
on it because I think many of us are searching for a cheaper alternative
for testing.

Thanks -
Lainie Strange, Web Developer
MO Dept of Elem & Sec Ed.

From: Patrick H. Lauke
Date: Wed, Dec 29 2004 4:19PM
Subject: Re: Connect Outloud
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lainie.strange wrote:

> I didn't know about Connect Outloud. I would love to hear user feedback
> on it because I think many of us are searching for a cheaper alternative
> for testing.

I have to admit, until I read about it on the list yesterday, neither
did I. I downloaded the demo, took it for a spin, and have to say that
it's pretty much exactly like the web browsing element of JAWS. I've
been an intermediate level JAWS 4.02 user for a year now (to clarify: I
am sighted, so only been using it for testing...however, I have been on
a course on "proper" usage, and am fairly well versed in it), and the
functionality is exactly the same (same shortcuts, same options, etc).
The main difference I could find was in the amount of user settings,
which are less sophisticated compared to the full JAWS. But altogether,
it looks like a very good alternative to the complete screenreader
(though, for completeness' sake, one should aim to still test on full
JAWS, just to account for any exotic user settings available)

Patrick H. Lauke

From: Brownell, Melody
Date: Fri, Dec 31 2004 8:51AM
Subject: Re: Connect Outloud
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In response to the recent postings about Connect Outloud. I have been using it for about 1 year for testing and have had very good results with it. A disabled individual at our company who is very experienced with JAWS tried Connect Outloud and said it was good for browsing the Web.

Melody Brownell
Web Consultant III
Corporate Web Team
The Principal Financial Group

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