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Thread: Accessibility evaluation practices - survey results


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Date: Sat, Jan 01 2005 9:58PM
Subject: Accessibility evaluation practices - survey results
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In late October I posted a message to this list inviting those
involved in web accessibility to participate in an online survey of
accessibility evaluation practices.

There were 98 respondents, with the majority from the IT&T and
education sectors whose roles involve less than 50%
accessibility-related work. Manual inspection was the most popular
evaluation method used, and user testing the least popular. Most
evaluations were based on the W3C's Web Content Accessibility
Guidelines (WCAG).

More details are available at

For those sporting an iPod, I've recently converted the W3C (including
ATAG, UAAG and WCAG) and Section 508 guidelines into a free
downloadable podGuide. Get yours from