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Thread: Online Accessibility Event Announcement/Invitation


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Date: Fri, Jan 21 2005 12:06PM
Subject: Online Accessibility Event Announcement/Invitation
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I'm forwarding an announcement/invitation to participate in an
accessibility forum for non-profits I'm hosting starting Monday.
Attend as a beginner in accessibility, an interested party, an expert
with information to share or an Assistive Technology user with input
to give.

TechSoup is the "technology place for
non-profits" and a project of CompuMentor < http://www.compumentor.org
> – this is from their newsletter.


Mark your calendars, save the date! Announcing TechSoup's latest
national online event on Web Accessibility.

Join us the week of January 24-28, 2005 in TechSoup's Community
at for your chance to have
your organization's Web site reviewed for accessibility and to
learn about the latest rules and tools to help make your site
accessible to people with disabilities. We'll also explain what
accessibility is, what the laws are, who it applies to, how to
check for accessibility, and how to fix accessibility issues on
your Web site.

This free, week-long online event, will be hosted by
accessibility expert Susan Grossman of Finishing First, a
development company specializing in accessibility.

If you're color blind and have visited a site where you can't
read the colored text on the colored background, or your
organization uses older browsers that won't allow you to access
some Web sites, you already know the challenges faced by many
users who attempt to view inaccessible Web design. Designing an
accessible Web site means that all users can access it, no
matter their disability, experience, or the software/hardware
they're using.

Event topics include:
*Defining codes, laws, and guidelines of Web accessibility.
*Explaining accessibility features for different types of users.
*Free Web accessibility audit: Give us your URL and we'll check
your site for accessibility and recommend quick fixes. We will
also show you what your site looks like to someone with a
*Tools and Web sites for automated code validation and
accessibility checkpoints.
*What is an acceptable level of Web accessibility? What is the
minimum standard for accessible design?

This event will help you to demystify Web accessibility. Come
join us and submit your Web site for a free accessibility review
with pointers on quick fixes.


Susan R. Grossman