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Thread: /*/ Tab index -for content also?


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From: MGKDsign
Date: Sat, May 28 2005 4:33PM
Subject: /*/ Tab index -for content also?
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Hi!. I

From: CFIT@list.webaim.org:Joshue O Connor
Date: Sun, May 29 2005 1:10PM
Subject: Re: /*/ Tab index -for content also?
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MGKDsign wrote:

>Hi!. I

From: John Foliot - WATS.ca
Date: Mon, May 30 2005 6:05AM
Subject: RE: /*/ Tab index -for content also?
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= EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED = :Joshue O Connor wrote:
>> Should I
>> put tab index also at the main content (simple text) also?
> In my opinion tabindex is best applied only when you wish to guide a
> user through a form. I dont suggest using them for full page
> navigation as there are other methods that screenreader users can
> navigate pages by such as by correctly marked up headings etc.

Agreed! Fedez, I strong suggest that you *not* try and add special markup
to accommodate one form of adaptive technology over any others. TabIndex is
generally reserved for forms, and even then should be used with restraint.

All screen reading technologies will read your page content in a linear
fashion, from top to bottom. Ensuring that the content is in a logical
linear presentation is more important than running around slapping tabindex
here and there in an effort to guide the user along. While your efforts to
accommodate are well intentioned, there *is* such a thing as going
over-board, and this approach is one of them.

>> I can

From: MGKDsign
Date: Mon, May 30 2005 2:40PM
Subject: /*/ Tab index -for content also?
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No more "tab-index" things in menu link lists nor content, just use it
for forms, got it! ;-)
Thanks a lot once-again!!!...you people really rockz!!!!.

Fedez (from BCN - Barcelona).

Jose Federico Carra Vega