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Thread: Automated testing tools


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From: Hoffman, Allen
Date: Mon, Nov 21 2005 8:20AM
Subject: Automated testing tools
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Selection of an automated tool is dependent upon the development
environment, testing strategy, and skill levels of developers and
testers. Because of this I'm not really certain one can say that one
tool is the "best". Tools tend to have their strong points, for example
integration with Microsoft Visual Studio, which you may not be using.
Some tools allow really good rule-based customization of testing, such
as for all input form fields I want the code to contain a title
attribute rather than label attribute. If your materials are so diverse
that this can't help, then the functionality is not helpful. Many tools
now contain added value features to help remediate non-HTML content like
Office or PDF. How this helps you may vary also.

So, while I'm not answering the question, consider developing your
testing policies and practices and then select the tool, or tools that
fit what you want/need to do. You may be more successful if you follow
this approach rather than just getting a tool.

Allen Hoffman
DHS : OCIO; Section 508 PMO