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From: Bhiru Shelat
Date: Thu, Nov 24 2005 11:40AM
Subject: WebAIM Web Accessibility Suite
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I'm thinking of purchasing the Web Accessibility Suite made by WebAIM
and was wondering if anyone has used it, and if so what they thought of

I know a fair bit about web accessibility (or at least I hope so as I
train other people), but every now and again I need to refresh my memory
about a particular issue and need to look it up somewhere. I'm much
stronger in the area of understanding the impact of disabilities rather
than the technical aspects of developing accessible websites, so
anything that can help me improve on the technology side of things would
also be good. At the moment my main point of reference is "Accessible
Web Sites" (Thatcher et al) plus anything that I can find on the web.

All opinions gratefully received.

Bhiru Shelat
System Concepts Ltd
2 Savoy Court
London WC2R 0EZ
020 7240 3388