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Thread: Re: Accesskeys (was RE: Help on approach for annotatingimages)


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From: Tim Beadle
Date: Mon, Dec 05 2005 9:40AM
Subject: Re: Accesskeys (was RE: Help on approach for annotatingimages)
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On 05/12/05, Malcolm Wotton < = EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED = > wrote:
> Hmm,
> A grant funding application is a contract between a funding body and a
> recipient. If they want they can make it a condition that you stand on your
> head on tuesdays, and you'd have to comply. I don't believe the government
> is attempting to enforce the standard. It's just that standards compliance
> is generally useful, so those with power (eg fund holders) look to the
> standards that exist and try to promote them.
> However it's not directly a problem for us yet so I'll remove the access
> keys, quietly forget they were ever there and hope no-one notices.

Good point. At least you'll now have the arguments at your disposal
with which to convince people you're right to remove accesskeys, *if*
anyone notices ;)