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Thread: Re: browser-based editor previously (no subject)


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From: Christian Heilmann
Date: Wed, Mar 29 2006 10:30AM
Subject: Re: browser-based editor previously (no subject)
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> > While not WYSIWYG, another option may be to consider one of the 'plain
> > text markup' languages like Textile or Markdown.
> Personally I think these and wiki style mark-ups are the best thing
> since sliced bread, but for clients, it doesn't go down well.
> (I.e. looks of horror initially, and lack of use later, especially for
> adding images and tables.)
> It depends on your user group(s) and content types though, as we use
> them internally a lot.

+1 on that, I found that many many people are unable to grasp the logic of a

h1. My page

* Lorem
* Ipsum


Personally I love this stuff, as it means the code generated will be
clean, no matter what you do.

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