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Thread: Accessible Direct debit (banking) form


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From: ben morrison
Date: Tue, Aug 29 2006 8:30AM
Subject: Accessible Direct debit (banking) form
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Ive just been given an old direct debit form to tidy up. I've removed
all the tables etc and have started to add labels. Im not sure how to
go about adding labels to the banking fields, I would prefer to use
one input box that only allowed required amount of numericals but Im
told the form *has* to look like it currently does for the bank.

How would you markup the 'office use only' boxes as well, fieldset with legend?

Has anyone else had experience of doing this, any input greatfully recieved.

Test-page: http://html.eval.poptech.coop/debit/index.asp

Thanks, Ben.
Ben Morrison