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Thread: Re: looking for htmltechniqueto provide a methodto skiprepetitive navigation linksi


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From: smithj7
Date: Fri, Oct 13 2006 12:20AM
Subject: Re: looking for htmltechniqueto provide a methodto skiprepetitive navigation linksi
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OOPs, I'm bad. I hadn't thought of individuals using magnification devices.

The skip navigation on our page is not visible. I was following my parent's
organization look and feel required. And their site templates were such that
I made ours somewhat LOOK like theres but changed the coding.

Should the skip info be visible? What about access key info?
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Subject: Re: [WebAIM] looking for html techniqueto provide a methodto
skiprepetitive navigation linksi

Another group of people who benefit from "Skip" links is screen magnifier

When your viewport is a fraction of the screen, roughly the size of a credit
card, it is very useful to be able to have the focus (and viewport) snap to
the region of a page that you're interested in. It saves a lot of time
panning round for the required content.

On this basis I'd say that skip links should not only be available, but also



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Subject: Re: [WebAIM] looking for html technique to provide a methodto
skiprepetitive navigation linksi

Patrick Lauke wrote:
>> Penny Roberts
>> Err.. no you didn't ;-)
> Ah, I did, but I can see how my convoluted sentence is misleading
>> I use "keyboard navigation" as a synonym for non-mouse,
>> non-pointing-device style (including head wands and similar) interaction
> I was meaning: head wands are included in the "pointing device" group of
> interactions.
> Soz for the confusion :)

Aha, yes, now I get it. (Blame a disturbed night.... still half
asleep... neighbour's car alarm...)



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