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Thread: New tools for checking accessibility of dynamically generated web resources available


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From: Jon Gunderson
Date: Thu, Dec 14 2006 12:17PM
Subject: New tools for checking accessibility of dynamically generated web resources available
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New version of the Functional Accessibility Evaluator (FAE) and the Firefox Accessibility Extension are now available.

============================================================Mozilla/Firefox Accessibility Extension 1.0

New Features in Version 1.00.1

* Send dynamically generated web pages to Functional Accessibility Evaluator for accessibility evaluations and reporting

* Menu reorganization to match organization of CITES/DRES Web Accessibility Best Practices

* Links to accessibility checkers in the "Tools" options

* Improved keyboard navigation features

============================================================Functional Accessibility Evaluator 0.9.1

1. This release introduces user accounts, which should have the following effects: (a) spam-bot attacks should be less frequent if not prevented altogether, and (b) this should speed up evaluations for registered users. (In a follow-up release, the addition of user accounts will permit selective display of Archived Reports on a per-user basis.)

2. Changes to rules/tests:
(a) The Scripting/Dynamic Content test that detects the use of the JavaScript functions document.write and document.writeln has been removed;

(b) The Navigation Bars test that reports whether lists of links are immediately preceded by a header element has been modified such that one or more violations of the rule produce, at maximum, a warning.

3. Firefox Web Accessibility Extension Support
Test dynamically generated web pages using the Firefox Web Accessibility Extension. The extension sends the dymaically generated web page to FAE to generate an accessibility report.

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