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From: Jane Depriester-Morandini
Date: Thu, Dec 21 2006 12:20PM
Subject: Remove from Discussion List
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Please remove me from the Discussion List.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

Jane DePriester-Morandini

Interim Assistant Director

Educational Accessibility Services

Wayne State University

1600 Undergraduate Library



313.577.4898 Fax

From: Jared Smith
Date: Thu, Dec 21 2006 8:10PM
Subject: Re: Remove from Discussion List
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On 12/21/06, Jane Depriester-Morandini wrote:
> Please remove me from the Discussion List.

You have been removed.

This gives me a great opportunity to wish you all happy holidays on
behalf of WebAIM. If you set an "out of the office" or autoresponder
message on your e-mail account over the holidays, we ask you kindly to
set it to not send to this or other mailing lists. If this is not
possible, you may log in at
http://list.webaim.org/mailman/listinfo/webaim-forum/ and temporarily
disable list message delivery. You can also change other list settings
and unsubscribe at this link.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Jared Smith