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Thread: Re: OT Widgets (was: Microformats)


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From: Penny Roberts
Date: Thu, Feb 22 2007 2:30AM
Subject: Re: OT Widgets (was: Microformats)
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> Patrick Lauke wrote:
>> with their new calendar widget thing)

> Penny Roberts wrote:
> Get the terminology right old bean... that's 'GAdget' not 'WIdget'...
> heaven forbid that MS should use a commonly used word for their shiny
> new widgets... I mean gadgets :-)

Cheryl Wise wrote:
>> What you think Apple would like it if Microsoft "appropriated" the same name
>> for similar features?

True enough, though even Apple might have difficulty laying claim to the
word 'widget' as it has been around since the 1930s (maybe earlier). I
suppose they might have a case for the specific computer use of the
word, although the earliest written evidence for that usage that OED has
found is from a Windows Usenet group in 1987.


From: Laura Carlson
Date: Thu, Feb 22 2007 6:50AM
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