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Thread: PowerPoint Accessibility Wizard


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From: Paul Bohman
Date: Wed, Apr 18 2001 2:09PM
Subject: PowerPoint Accessibility Wizard
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Not too long ago I had the chance to go to the CSUN conference on adaptive
technologies. One of the tools featured was a PowerPoint accessibility
wizard, developed at the University of Illinois.
The program is still in a Beta form, and it only works with Office 2000, but
it holds a lot of promise. It creates alt tags for the images (with your
input), converts Excel spreadsheets into data usable by a screen reader, and
has a few other nice features. It isn't a perfect tool yet, but it's a lot
better than anything else out there right now.
You will need to read the installation instructions VERY
carefully.Unfortunately, this isn't a user-friendly installation process,
but it can be done.
You will find the link to download the PowerPoint plugin at
Paul Bohman
Technology Coordinator
WebAIM: Web Accessibility in Mind (www.webaim.org)
Center for Persons with Disabilities (www.cpd.usu.edu)
Utah State University (www.usu.edu)

From: Leonard R. Kasday
Date: Thu, Apr 19 2001 6:59PM
Subject: RE: PowerPoint Accessibility Wizard
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Thanks Paul. I added it to the WAI ER tools list at