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Thread: Firefox Accessibility Extension 1.2 is available, please write a review


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From: Jon Gunderson
Date: Thu, Jan 17 2008 6:10AM
Subject: Firefox Accessibility Extension 1.2 is available, please write a review
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The Firefox Accessibility Extension 1.2 is now available from the following


New features include:
1. Testing dynamically generated web pages with the Illinois Functional
Accessibility Evaluator
2. Improved support for ARIA markup, but for the latest ARIA features try
beta version 1.3
3. Updated menus and better organization, fixing of reported bugs

How you can help:

Please write a review of version 1.2 on the Firefox Add-ins website, they
will not update the version on the website until there are a certain number
of reviews. Curretnly they only have version 1.0 on the "Firefox add-ins"
website, so your help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for helping out and getting the latest version on the add-ins


From: Jon Gunderson
Date: Wed, Feb 20 2008 12:50PM
Subject: Firefox Accessibility Extension 1.3 Beta 2 available for Firefox 3 Beta
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Beta 2 of the Firefox Accessibility Extension Version 1.3 is now available
for Firefox 3.0 beta.

You can download a copy from:


New Features

1. Support for Firefox 3.0, but there are still some outstanding
compatibility issues, some of the following features may not work correctly.

2. Scripting: List of ARIA Roles and properties based on RDF and appears in
a sidebar. The URL:http://www.w3.org/2005/01/wai-rdf/GUIRoleTaxonomy# is
parsed and the details of each role are displayed in the sidebar.

3. Scripting: List of ARIA Widgets has been modified to report widgets that
contain invalid attributes or attribute values. States must be in the form
"aria-", 'aaa:' is no longer supported.

4. Scripting: Focus Inspector feature has been added. The focus inspector
displays accessibility information about the element with keyboard focus.

5. Style: Colour Contrast analysis based on the WCACG 2.0 color contrast
requirements as implemented in the Juicy Studio: Colour Contrast Analyser
Firefox Extension, has been added. The colour contrast analyzer only
examines the difference between foreground and background colours for text
content, so won't detect scenarios where text is written over the top of a
background image or images that include text.

6. Style: Text Flow has been added, it will report when text will flow
poorly on screen resolutions below to equal to 1024 x 768.

7. Validators: W3C Specifications has been added, it will report W3C
specifications, such as missing DOCTYPE, and missing character encoding.

8. New pages are opened in a new window or tab according to the browsers

9. Reports: Accessibility problems and issues report has been added, it will
report accessibility failures, warning and suggestions based on the iCITA
HTML Best practices. Clicking on an issue will open up the corresponding