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Thread: TC Field Codes in MS Word: Accessible?


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From: Cliff Tyllick
Date: Thu, Mar 27 2008 1:40PM
Subject: TC Field Codes in MS Word: Accessible?
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One way to set up run-in headings in MS Word is to select the text in a paragraph and apply a Table of Contents field code to it. In other words, the paragraph style remains whatever it is--perhaps Body Text--but the part that you want to use for the heading is marked so it can be picked up when the table of contents is generated.

How does AT work with that? Will it recognize the text enclosed by the TC field code as a heading? Will users be able to navigate from one such heading to the next, or from a heading to its subheadings (which also will be run-in text)?

If this is hard to follow, the general situation I'm dealing with and three options for handling it are described at http://sbarnhill.mvps.org/WordFAQs/RunInSidehead.htm

That article deals with how to make the heading look like run-in text and behave like a heading for the purposes of automatically generating the TOC. But it's not clear from that article what AT would do when it encounters any of the proposed solutions. Does anyone out there happen to know?

Cliff Tyllick
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