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Thread: Adobe Captivate


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From: Theresa Hansen
Date: Thu, Aug 14 2008 12:40PM
Subject: Adobe Captivate
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I have a project manager who is interested in using Adobe Captivate
for some training pieces. I am looking for information on the
accessibility of the products produced by Captivate. I seem to recall
that it is not good but I can not recall where I heard that, or how
long ago. Does anyone have experience with this product?

Theresa Hansen
Center for Human Development
University of Alaska Anchorage

From: Greg Pisocky
Date: Fri, Aug 15 2008 9:50AM
Subject: Adobe Captivate
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Apologies if this has made it before. To answer Theresa Hansen's
question regarding Adobe Captivate

Information concerning the accessibility of Adobe Captivate can be found
on the accessibility website for Captivate at


Its conformance to Section 508 is documented in the VPAT at


Greg Pisocky
Accessibility Specialist
Adobe Systems Incorporated
8201 Greensboro Drive, Suite 1000
McLean, VA 22102 USA
703.883.2810p, 703.883.2850f