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From: ben.logan@spotlessdesign.com
Date: Wed, Nov 26 2008 11:40AM
Subject: Re: file attachment upload fields
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I am currently out of the office returning the afternoon of the 27/11/2008.

For technical assitance please contact Anthony Johnston - = EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED =

I will have limited access to email but will try to respond to your enquiry. If your enquiry is urgent then please contact me on my mobile.

Kind regards

Ben Logan

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From: Despain, Dallas
Date: Wed, Nov 26 2008 11:45AM
Subject: file attachment upload fields
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I'm a web developer and we're getting customer complaints about our file attachment upload fields. Users tab to the "Browse" button (on firefox and Internet Explorer on a PC) and try to hit "Enter" to activate the file dialog and choose the file they want to upload. Enter doesn't work there in my experience. I have tried gmail, hotmail, yahoo mail and a couple other file attachment upload fields I could find and none of them work with the enter key. You have to use the space bar to make interact with this field. Is there a way to make it respond to the enter key? I haven't seen it. Is this just a matter of perhaps pointing it out to are users?



Dallas Despain | RightNow Technologies | Developer | 406-556-3454 | Bozeman, MT

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Sent: Tuesday, November 25, 2008 2:54 PM
Subject: Re: [WebAIM] WebAIM-Forum Digest, Vol 44, Issue 11

I don't want to really get into a semantic markup soapbox or start a flame
war etc. However <dl> really should not be used as you are showing. The
content is NOT even a list.

I believe the solution that Dean mentioned using

<img ../>

Is a good coding solution since it should give you the available hooks to
implement the CSS. You could even wrap that withing a div so you can
provide further ruling in terms of positioning, floats etc.

Just my 2cents here.


From: Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis < = EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED = >
To: WebAIM Discussion List < = EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED = >
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2008 07:50:40 +0000
Subject: Re: [WebAIM] Define or Caption the Photos
I use the definition list to caption still photos. For example:

<dd> (Photo description)</dd>

Would this be a acceptable way to caption the still photo for the screen

From: Jared Smith
Date: Wed, Nov 26 2008 2:25PM
Subject: Re: file attachment upload fields
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Both Enter and Space keys work activate the File Upload dialog in
Firefox. IE does require that you press Space, unless you have JAWS,
then it works with both Enter and Space.

The file control is pretty locked down from scripting and I highly
doubt you'll be able to change the way it reacts. It does sound like
something that is out of your control. I guess you could inform your
users about how to do this, but it really only seems to be an issue
with keyboard-only IE users that aren't using JAWS and that also don't
know to use the Space key. I probably wouldn't introduce the overhead
for all users to possibly benefit such a small group.

Jared Smith