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Thread: YouTube's 10 minute limit and captions


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From: Terrill Thompson
Date: Fri, Jan 02 2009 5:35PM
Subject: YouTube's 10 minute limit and captions
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Hi all,

I'm puzzling over what to do about closed captions in the face of YouTube's
10 minute video limit.

We have videos, and they're all closed captioned. Now we're wanting to
upload them all to YouTube, but the limit on YouTube is 10 minutes, which
means most of our videos will need to be split into two or three segments.
It's easy enough to split the videos, but I haven't figured out an efficient
way to simultaneously split the caption files.

I'm thinking I could record the timestamp at the point of the split, then
write a script that outputs multiple caption files. For a two-part video,
the script would read the original caption file, output a first caption file
that ends at the point of the split time, then output a second caption file
that starts at the split time and uses the split time as an offset for
incrementing each original caption time value. Even though I can
conceptualize that, I'd rather not mess with it if I can avoid it. Is there
a solution already out there?

Alternatively, has anyone had success in getting YouTube to lift the 10
minute limit? I know they're doing it for some account types, and I've read
articles that suggest they may be lifting it all together, but at this point
most of what I know about YouTube is here-say.

Thanks for any help!

Terrill Thompson
Technology Accessibility Specialist
DO-IT, Accessible Technology
UW Technology Services
University of Washington