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Thread: a couple of CAPTCHA alternatives


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From: Terrill Thompson
Date: Thu, Sep 24 2009 11:50AM
Subject: a couple of CAPTCHA alternatives
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Does anyone have experience with these CAPTCHA alternatives?



I haven't played with either of these but it seems to be a promising direction. Are there other similar products out there?

Terrill Thompson
Technology Accessibility Specialist
DO-IT, Accessible Technology
UW Technology Services
University of Washington

From: Simius Puer
Date: Thu, Sep 24 2009 12:10PM
Subject: Re: a couple of CAPTCHA alternatives
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not used either but I have implemented just 2 of the items in
http://webaim.org/blog/spam_free_accessible_forms/ and cut spam to zero
whilst maintaining genuine submissions.

one thing I notice from CFFormProtect is

"-Hidden form field--Most spam bots just fill out all form fields and submit
> them. This test uses a form field that is hidden by CSS, and tests to make
> sure that field is empty. If a blind person's screen reader sees this hidden
> field, there is a field label telling them not to fill it out."

...true, but this does not help with auto-form-fill-assistants (discussed in
more detail on the link at the top of my mail) which are growing in

Best regards