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Thread: anybody out there a meetup organizer?


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From: Carin Headrick
Date: Fri, Nov 20 2009 4:20PM
Subject: anybody out there a meetup organizer?
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Hi everybody. Thanks again for making me a happy woman with the responses you already gave me. Could I possibly strike gold twice in the same day? I'm going to try.

I'm an organizer on www.meetup.com and thanks to the new innovations in who knows what, it has become a royal pain in the you know where to organize events. For one thing, those expandable/collapsible graphics to expand or collapse sections of the event scheduling thing do not respond well to keyboard. I have to spin around three times, bark like a dog, and try other antics of left click-simulation to get it to work. Well, not the spinning and barking, but you know. My biggest problem is when you go to select your meetup place and you want to choose a place you've been before. A list of letters appears, but JAWS does not perceive them as links, nor will they respond to left clicks. So, I have to manually re-enter the place, and then Meetup says "Oh! You mean that place? the one that's already in your list, you silly woman you? Why don't we just merge the two?" Well if I could have just selected it, we'd save ourselves both the trouble!

I've already contacted Meetup support and their response was "here. Read an article designed for developers on making good java." Thanks, but I'm not a developer. Then they told me to contact FS for help, but of course, without paying, FS won't be an organizer. I managed to convince them to give FS a coupon code, but FS won't take it. So, if someone out here is a Meetup organizer and could tell me how they could make us screenreader-users and the rest of the world live in beautiful harmony, you'd make my day all over again.

Thanks in advance.