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Thread: Web accessibility for online learning


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From: John E. Brandt
Date: Sun, Mar 28 2010 10:27AM
Subject: Web accessibility for online learning
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Don't know how I missed this (if indeed it was already mentioned in this
list)...just discovered a great reference written by Hadi Rangin called,
How-To Guide for Creating Accessible Online Learning Content. The preface is
by Norm Coombs who states:

"Web Accessibility for Online Learning" is an unusually rich
resource for faculty and instructional designers empowering them to produce
more effective online course content and, in the process, provide
unparalleled learning opportunities for a broad spectrum of learners. The
lead author, Hadi Rangin, is ideally suited for this task. First he brings
years of experience in the field of Web accessibility. Second, because of
having a disability, he brings real life experience to the task.

It will take me a while to sink my teeth into it, but it looks good so far.

Here's the link - http://projectone.cannect.org/index.php


John E. Brandt
Augusta, ME USA