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Thread: looking for insights about eSSENTIAL Accessibility


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From: Patrick Dunphy
Date: Mon, May 31 2010 2:30PM
Subject: looking for insights about eSSENTIAL Accessibility
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I've recently been asked to evaluate an Assistive Browser software solution
and aside from my own personal thoughts (see below), I'd appreciate any
additional perspectives.

From a site development point of view nothing really changes - a site still
needs to be built properly and with accessibility in mind. This software is
intended to be another way to get the information to the people that need
them - in this case, people with mobility impairments would stand to benefit

Is anyone familiar with and if so, share their experience using the
eSSENTIAL Accessibility browser from http://www.essentialaccessibility.com ?

In general, anything that increases accessibility awareness is a good
thing. That said, it's my personal opinion that the install process plus
learning curve associated with changing default options could be counter
productive to end users that could benefit the most. Were I a low-tech user
that required the use Assistive Technology due to mobility issues, I believe
I'd be completely overwhelmed with this software. My opinion of the site
that encouraged me to use this technology would also be affected
negatively. Would you agree?

As an able bodied user I may be missing the obvious so I would love any &
all feedback. Comments, insights, opinions & criticism are all welcome.

Patrick Dunphy