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Thread: Drop-down menus - eye-tracking system help


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From: Monica Guy
Date: Wed, Sep 29 2010 6:06AM
Subject: Drop-down menus - eye-tracking system help
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Hi all,
I've been lurking for a week or so and am massively impressed with the depth and breadth of knowledge on this list - kudos to you all!

Can you help with a question from a friend with advanced ALS who uses an eye-tracking system to communicate? He finds drop-down menus frustrating:

"Pull down menus are commonly found in applications. I find job applications particularly frustrating when a list of states pops up and I cannot select my home state with my eye tracking system. OR sometimes a list of countries will pop up. I should not have to ask for help on filling out a job application or any other application. TO FIX THE PROBLEM A COUNT OF the layers of pull down menus is needed. When the last layer is reached a flag should tell the eye tracking system to select the proper choice from the list and put it in the selection box."

Does anyone know about how to make drop-down menus accessible to the eye-tracking system, or how to design websites to avoid their use?

Any pointers much appreciated. Thanks!