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Thread: Make WordPress Accessibility


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From: Jennifer Sutton
Date: Mon, Nov 28 2011 8:36AM
Subject: Make WordPress Accessibility
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The topic of WordPress Accessibility has come up many times on the
WebAIM list. As a result, I thought some of you might be interested
in the general activity on this site, as well as this specific post.

From Twitter:

MT @wordpress keyboard access/screen reader users: weigh in on how
Tabbing & Enter should work in the dashboard. http://t.co/sOYOTj2M #a11y

The site is:

Thanks to those who have already commented and spread the word about
the current activity.

Perhaps, at some point, WordPress will devote the resources necessary
to coordinate a volunteer and staff effort to comply with ATAG i.e.
take action on the thread that was opened on this site, back in May.

Please do not reply to this message on the WebAIM list; my aim is to
alert folks of this activity so that they can respond on the site
and/or begin to post accessibility-related Trac tickets that relate
to both front and back-end accessibility of the product.

Thanks for your time and consideration.


From: Jennison Mark Asuncion
Date: Wed, Nov 30 2011 5:06AM
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I thought folk here who use Moodle might find this info of interest.


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Subject: [Athen] Moodle 2.1.1 NC State Accessibility Report
From: "Greg Kraus" < = EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED = >
Date: Tue, November 29, 2011 9:53 pm
To: "Access Technology Higher Education Network"

Hi All,

I recently wrote this report on the accessibility of Moodle 2.1.1 for
our campus as we consider upgrading from 1.9.x.


This is also the final version of the presentation I made on the same
subject at Accessing Higher Ground. Basically, there are some
accessibility improvements in Moodle 2.1.1 but there are some new
problems too. There are also some problems that have existed for some
time. There are a few problems that I consider critical to fixing
before we can consider upgrading.

If you have any questions about it please let me know.


Greg Kraus
University IT Accessibility Coordinator
NC State University