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Thread: RNIB sues BMIBaby over inaccessible site


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From: Jennison Mark Asuncion
Date: Fri, Jan 27 2012 4:45AM
Subject: RNIB sues BMIBaby over inaccessible site
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Thought some folk here might find this of interest


Jennison Mark Asuncion
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From: Jonathan Hassell
Date: Tue, Jan 31 2012 10:54AM
Subject: Re: RNIB sues BMIBaby over inaccessible site (Jennison Mark Asuncion)
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Thanks, Jennison, for highlighting the RNIB BMI-baby lawsuit in the UK.

If people are interested in some background on the case, and its potential impact on accessibility in the UK, they might be interested in checking out my blog on 'RNIB and BMI-baby accessibility lawsuit: how BS 8878 can help prevent you getting sued' at:  http://www.hassellinclusion.com/2012/01/rnib-bmi-baby-accessibility-lawsuit/

The blog includes my views and those of Julie Howell who brought the last such cases back in the mid-noughties.

It will be interesting to see where this case takes us.