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Thread: Contenteditable and screen-readers


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From: E.J. Zufelt
Date: Thu, Aug 23 2012 1:21PM
Subject: Contenteditable and screen-readers
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Good evening,

I was playing w/ Aloha editor today, a WYSIWYG editor that uses contenteditable. I tried it w/ FF14 and JAWS13 / NVDA2012.2.1, and with Voiceover/Safari on Lion.

None of the three could properly interact with, read content from (while in forms mode for JAWS/NVDA), or edit content.

Are there any techniques currently being used for making contenteditable DOM segments accessible to screen-readers? I don't expect to achieve great semantics in the editor, but to at least be able to read and edit the text content within the DOM.

Everett Zufelt

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