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Thread: RE: WAI needs to rethink and revisit


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From: Terence de Giere
Date: Wed, May 22 2002 4:52PM
Subject: RE: WAI needs to rethink and revisit
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Jon --

Jon wrote:
"The biggest problem with using fixed sizes is when using CSS to
position and size rendering boxes. If the boxes contain text, when you
resize the text the text either spills out of the box which often
results in masking other content or it tries to resize within the
current box size and overlaps text on other text in the box."

The various browsers that support CSS may have this problem because the
developers of the browsers have not yet got this worked out. They all do
this in one way or another but not the same way. Desktop publishing
programs have got it figured out, but they have been working on the
problem longer. Up to a certain size of text, fixed boxes should stay
fixed. Above that, it may not be possible to contain the text, so what
does one do, break words at odd points, increase the box size? I think
we need to wait until they figure it out. Fixed tables are supposed to
change size if the content cannot fit; presumably something similar for
CSS 'boxes' could also be made workable, but it has to be built into
browser behavior.

Terence de Giere

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