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Thread: Why specify a DOCTYPE? Why validate?


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From: Elaine Nelson
Date: Fri, May 31 2002 11:49AM
Subject: Why specify a DOCTYPE? Why validate?
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I've been mulling over these questions for almost a year now, as I've been working with a group internally to create our own web guidelines (not just accessibility, but privacy, use of logo, procedures, etc.) and reading, talking, thinking. I don't know if there is a straightforward business answer, or if it just requires a certain mindset/philosophy.

I did put some of my thoughts into writing this morning, prompted by your message. It's a little messy, and too long for this format, but I posted it on my work weblog.


I wish you the best of luck in your argument. if you can convince this individual, it might have an interesting ripple effect.... :)

Elaine Nelson
not work related: http://www.epersonae.com
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